What The Colour of Your House Says About You

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What The Colour of Your House Says About You

Take a look around your home, and you’ll likely notice that the colour scheme tends to be pretty even throughout. Even if you didn’t intend it at the time, the colours you choose to paint your home tend to reflect your personality. In this article, we’re going to take a look at what the colour of your house says about you- and how professional house painters in Brisbane can help you really show off your inner self!

Soft, Warm Shades

No surprises here- if you gravitate towards colours like warm yellows and oranges- as well as some of the more eye-catching shades of pink and peach- then it’s likely that you have a bright and bubbly personality to match. They are the perfect choice for those who love having company over, as they are warm and inviting, helping guests to feel right at home. As the best Brisbane house painters, we also know the impact that these colours can have on the feel of the room itself, too. Brighter colours tend to jump forward at the viewer, making a room feel smaller and more intimate- perfect for a cosy living room! You really need to slap on the coats for this effect though- so it’s a smart idea to leave it to the expert house painters for maximum impact.

Cool, Natural Shades

Want to transform your home into an oasis of tranquillity? Then look no further than mother nature- she’s got plenty of colour inspiration for you! People who tend towards gentle greens and blues are subconsciously picking colours that resemble the sea, sky, and endless expanses of grass, making a room feel oh-so relaxing. These sorts of people will treat their home as a refuge from the outside world, and enjoy getting plenty of peace and quiet. They tend to be introverts, so if you’re not all that out-going, these cool natural shades are a great pick to help your home reflect the inner you. A little tip from us house painters, too- unlike those warmer shades, these cool colours help to make a room feel larger. If you instantly want to boost your bedroom to feel like a roomier haven from the world, then you really can’t go wrong with these colours!

Jewel Tones

Those outside the Brisbane and Sydney house painting world might need a little explanation when it comes to this term. As the name suggests, “jewel tones” are colours that resemble the razzle-dazzle of glistening gems- think rich amethyst purples, ruby reds, and topaz. You can probably guess, then, that people who pick these colours for their home décor tend to be pretty outgoing, and love the glitz and glamour side of life. Those colours are also a great way of making plain rooms feel a bit more exciting. If you’ve got a living room, for instance, that doesn’t have much going for it in terms of architecture, then rich jewel tones can really help to bring a bit more personality to it.