Prioritizing Rooms For Interior Painting

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Prioritizing Rooms For Interior Painting

Whether you’ve just moved in to a new home and are looking to put your own stamp on it, or if you’ve just decided it’s time to switch up the look of your home, you’re faced with a big problem. When you’re painting the whole house, which rooms should you tackle first. A lot of people makes mistakes in this regard, which can have a devastating effect on the whole project. Not only does it make it trickier for you to get the job done, but it can also be a serious pain in the backside for your living arrangements. No one want an interior painting job taking over their entire life- so follow our advice, and prioritize the rooms that need painting first. That way, you can break the project up into chunks that are easier to manage, and you won’t be worn out by constant painting!

The best place to start is with your bedrooms and bathroom- the places where you retreat to relax. By getting them out of the way at the very start, you’ll be able to feel at home, even if the rest of the house still needs some work. Whether you’re having a soak in a nice hot bath, or going to bed at the end of a tiring day, having a freshly decorated bedroom and bathroom is a great way to de-stress. A big redecoration project can be more than a little stressful, so make sure you have a little oasis of tranquillity at the centre of it.

Next up, the kitchen. Interior painting can go a long way towards making your kitchen a place you genuinely like to be, instead of somewhere that’s just associated with household chores like cooking and cleaning. What’s more, if you leave it undecorated, you could well find that your food goes off quicker, and that the kitchen isn’t hygienic enough to cook in. That means you’ll end up going through a lot of takeaways and microwave meals, which are not only more expensive, but also bad for your health. Get the kitchen done, on the other hand, and your house will start to feel a lot more like a home!

Finally, it’s time to tackle the living room. This is the room that will be the hardest to paint, since it’s the one with the most furniture in. You therefore don’t want to wear yourself out painting it first, and having no energy left for the rest of your house. It can be tough to completely repaint the living room, but leaving it until last will mean that once it’s done, your job is complete- and you can relax!

Of course, interior painting a whole house is a big project, and one that can be a bit too much for some people. It takes up a lot of your time, and for most of us, the last thing we want to be doing after a tough day at work is spending hours every evening painting the walls. For that reason, it’s a smart idea to hire interior painters to do the job for you- and we’ll be more than happy to help! As the best interior painters in Brisbane and Sydney, we can get the job done in no time at all, and you won’t have to lift a finger. Get in touch today to learn more about what we can do for you!